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We provide you with easy-to-use foreclosure defense kits to protect your family and save your home!

Download State-Specific Foreclosure Defense Forms.
You can save your home from foreclosure even if you are unable to make your current mortgage payments. Throughout the United States, courts are rescuing homeowners by imposing strict legal requirements on banks seeking to foreclose. To protect your legal rights, you must have the correct, state-specific legal forms needed to save your home. Our state-specific answers, motions and other forms have been used by thousands of homeowners in every state to stop foreclosure. We have been providing legal forms to lawyers and the general public since 1999. Each foreclosure defense kit is available for immediate download and includes easy-to-follow instructions and summaries of foreclosure law. Recently, the Horoski family in New York obtained a court order canceling their entire mortgage. Join the thousands of Americans who have used our forms to stop foreclosure. Select your state from the menu below: